VIP Solar Restrooms


They are useful for a seemingly infinite number of uses, but a few popular uses include:

Movie and Television Production Companies for shooting at remote locations that have limited or nonexistent utility hook ups
Weddings and Formal Events that have an emphasis on going green or happen to be off the beaten path
Restoration, Remodeling, and Construction Projects for VIP guests or families who want added comfort and useful amenities while awaiting the completion of their project
Concerts and Festivals to provide upgraded VIP restrooms for entertainers and distinguished guests
Political and Corporate Events to better accommodate local, state, and government officials as well as CEOs, board members, other executives, and distinguished speakers
Our mobile VIP toilets are affordably priced and extremely dependable. They are entirely self-contained and self-sufficient apart from the occasional servicing from our skilled service crew. The mobile VIP toilets are also more spacious than our standard porta potties giving the end user added comfort and room to change clothes or set down personal items while using the unit.

When your event needs a little upgrade, our spacious VIP restrooms provide a stylish and comfortable alternative to traditional porta potties. United Site Services has mastered the art of event planning and has your back when it comes to all your personal sanitation needs.

Hands Free Fresh Water Flushing

To further cut down on servicing and nasty odors, our mobile VIP toilets are equipped with fully functioning flushing toilets that use fresh water. An added smart feature of these VIP porta potty rentals is a hands free flushing lever which can be activated with your foot. This means less skin contact with unsanitary services and a healthier environment for your VIP guests.

Interior Amenities

Where most traditional porta potty rental units give you functionality, VIP portable toilets give you comfort. Each unit is equipped with a large mirror, a 10” x 13” oval sink, a push button self-closing faucet, and a built-in trash receptacle. In addition to all these value adding features, mobile VIP toilets come equipped with full incandescent natural lighting, powered ventilation fans, and an “In Use” light to allow the end user to relax more with the added privacy and safety features.

Energy Efficient Solar Panel

All Solar VIP Mobile Toilets are equipped with a state-of-the-art energy efficient solar panel that provides a continual charge to the battery, the pump for toilet flushing, the ventilation fans, and the entire lighting system.

Meticulous Cleaning, Inspections, and Placement

Being the #1 leading provider of portable toilets in the United States was no small feat and was accomplished on the backs of our highly skilled delivery and servicing team. They go above and beyond in every facet of their jobs and diligently inspect all VIP portable toilets to make sure they arrive and stay in pristine working order.

Get Solar Mobile VIP Toilets now from United Site Services
Solar Mobile VIP restrooms are the ideal for outdoor weddings, formal outdoor events, and any event that calls for upscale mobile VIP toilets. The built-in solar panel provides power for the lights, flushing toilet, powered ventilation system, and of course the privacy indicating “In Use” light.

Our delivery team has a strong attention to detail and will not only arrive on time, but leave the VIP porta potty unit clean and performing at its best after every service. Each upscale porta potty unit arrives mounted on a trailer for added mobility and will be placed by our teams on any level surface of your choosing.

The Solar Mobile VIP Toilets are carefully engineered to provide maximum self-sufficiency, added comfort, and a more modern look for your distinguished guests.

To learn more about our Solar Mobile VIP Toilets or to get a quote, call us at now at 1-800-TOILETS. Call Today!

Restroom exterior dimensions:

Sizes: 2 Station, 3 Station & 4 Station Models
Length: 16′ – 24′
Height = 9′ 6″
Width = 8′
Uses: 125 per Restroom (2-4 per trailer)
Capacity: 65 Gallons Waste, 40 Gallons Fresh Water


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