Temporary Power Pole Rental


United Site Services provides temporary power services wherever you need it, when you need it. With options ranging from overhead temporary power pole rentals to underground temporary power services and much more, United Site Services is truly a one-stop-shop for all your project’s temporary power needs. This includes both commercial and residential applications and a wide variety of added benefits including:

Comprehensive installation by our delivery team that ensures dig alert coordination, temporary power pole installation, pole bracing, and multi-point inspection to ensure the temporary power pole is installed safely, to industry standards, and is ready for use by your team.
GFCI outlets and weather proof covers come standard so your team can safely work outdoors in any climate and not worry about the cords or electrical hook ups getting wet and creating an unsafe environment
Complete maintenance of the temporary power pole, equipment, and wiring over the course of your project or event along with dedicate award winning customer support
Our customer service team is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to determining your projects power needs. They will help perform load calculations and inform you about the proper permits and inspections needed to get your temporary power services on quickly.
United Site Services is a top industry provider of temporary power pole rentals and temporary power services in California and has built a reputation for being reliable, affordable, and professional. We are confident we can exceed your expectations and earn your trust quickly because our team is dedicated to your success and will go above and beyond to make sure all of your needs are met.

If you’re tired of shabby second-rate temporary power pole rental companies that over promise and under deliver then let United Site Services be your champion. Our temporary power pole rentals are installed quickly, with pride, and won’t break your budget.

A temporary power pole has a wide variety of applications which include:

Residential Construction Sites and Remodeling Jobs
Commercial Construction Sites and Renovation Jobs
Special Events
Concerts & Music Festivals
Sporting Events
Races, Obstacle Races, and Charity Walks
Seasonal Outdoor Business Locations such as Fireworks Stands, Farmer’s Markets & Flea Markets
RV Spaces, Campsites, & Mobile Home Lots
Parades & Fundraiser Events
Government Events
Natural Disaster Response Efforts
Security Lighting
Each of our skilled technicians is drug tested, background checked, fully licensed, and highly trained so you can rest assured your temporary power poles will be installed correctly and on-time. Our installers work in a variety weather conditions and prioritize safety and client satisfaction above all else.

On delivery day, our installers will coordinate with your team to make sure the temporary power poles are installed in the correct location and meet your standards. When you are ready for their removal simply call or fill out our online pick up form.

Temporary power pole rentals are like-new equipment and depending on your needs may include the following:

Overhead temporary power pole rentals include:

17’-35’ Temporary Power Poles
14’-24’ Stringer or Bare Poles
Meter Poles and Drop Poles
Meters, Wires, & Outlets
Spider Boxes and Cords
480 Volt Transformers
50 amp – 2,000 amp service capabilities
Underground temporary power options include:

8′-10′ Temporary Power Poles
Meters, Wires & Outlets
Spider Boxes and Cords
50 amp – 2,000 amp service capabilities
Switch Gear & Panels:

Meter Panels
Service Panels
Caged Load Centers
Distribution/Spider Boxes


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