Temporary Fence Rental Cost


Since temporary fence rentals are critical to securing the perimeter of a job site or event, many times regulated by local ordinances, you will want to be sure to get your temporary fencing rental prices now to ensure delivery when needed.

How much does it cost to rent temporary fence?
As your go to source for temporary fence rentals, United Site Services has temporary fence solutions in various styles to meet the needs of your site. With each style comes varying temporary fencing rental prices, however, our team of temporary fencing experts will make your temporary fence rental pricing quote process simple.

Your temporary fence rental cost will depend on the following key pieces of site information:

Delivery City, State, Zip Code
Type of temporary fence rental
Linear feet of rent a fence needed
Number of personnel or equipment gates needed
If privacy screening is needed and how much
Distance from nearest truck parking to install area
Terrain and grade (even/uneven, surface mounted or drilled)
Special site classifications (Prevailing Wage or Union)

How will the amount of temporary fencing needed impact my temporary fence rental cost?
Temporary fencing rental prices are primarily determined based on the total linear feet of fence rental required, plus any optional items needed for your site like sand bags, privacy screens or gates. The total linear feet in many situations is the perimeter of the site and can be calculated by adding the feet surrounding your site. For partial coverage areas, engineer drawings can be used in some cases, however, it is suggested that you either use a measuring wheel to get a better approximation of the linear footage or schedule a site visit with a USS account manager. During this site walk through, the exact details of your temporary fencing installation can be discussed in addition to any porta potty or dumpster rental needs for your site.

What type of Temporary Fence makes sense for my site?
Temporary Construction Site Fence Rental Cost
Temporary Panel Fence: Least invasive type of portable fence that can quickly be installed and adapted throughout the various phases of your project while enhancing site security. This temporary fence rental cost is the least expensive of the temporary fencing rental prices.
Rolled Chain Link: Best form of security fencing to minimize trespassing and equipment theft & liability. However, it requires the ability to penetrate the surface of the site to anchor the temporary fencing poles in the ground including dirt, grass, concrete and asphalt. This temporary fencing cost will be a more expensive option, but provides the increased security and durability your project may need.
Event Temporary Fence Rental Cost
Panel Fencing & Post Driven Chain Link: These two fence types are often combined in the production of large events based on the needs and site restrictions in various areas of the event venue.
Barricade Fence: This type of temporary fence, often referred to as Bike Rack Fencing, is the most portable fencing rental available. Barricade temporary fencing rental prices and bike rack fence costs are the least expensive of the temporary fencing rental prices for events.
What’s needed for my temporary fencing cost quote?
With the following information, you will be able to get your temporary fencing rental prices quickly and easily from the fence professionals at USS:

Company name
Billing and install address
Phone Number for Site Contact
Install Date
Estimated Removal Date
Type of Rent a Fence (Chain Link Panels, Rolled Chain Link, Barricade)
Approximate Linear Feet of Temporary Fence
Optional Items Needed including Sand Bags, Personnel Gates, Equipment Gates and Privacy / Wind Screen
Prevailing wage or union site restrictions
How much does it cost to rent temporary fence? Get started on your free no-hassle temporary fence rental pricing quote by filling out our form or call 1-800-TOILETS today!


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