Storage Container Rental


Each storage container rental is made of COR-TEN steel which is a special kind of steel that is crafted to be highly weather resistant and extremely durable.

That means our storage container rental excels in two key areas:

Protecting your equipment and valuables from theft and vandalism
Keeping your equipment and valuables dry and shielded from all forms of inclement weather and pests including dust, pollen, insects, rodents, and more
United Site Services has served your local community for 18+ years, and in that time we have served over 115,000+ satisfied customers. With over 90 locations we have established our nationwide presence while also creating local roots in the community by establishing strong relationships with local businesses and residents.

We are confident our dependable staff will exceed your expectations by:

ALWAYS being on-time when delivering and picking-up your portable storage containers
Sharing their industry knowledge and accurately assisting you in determining the right size and right number of storage containers for rent
Meticulously inspecting each storage container rental to ensure they arrive in pristine working condition
Providing professional and upbeat customer service EVERY TIME
When you need like-new portable storage containers, reliable customer service, delivered on-time you can rest assured United Site Services has your back.

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Our portable storage containers are crafted from highly durable corrugated COR-TEN steel. COR-TEN is a special kind of steel that is comprised of a copper chromium alloy which gives it greater resistance than other types of steel to atmospheric weathering. This means the chemical composition of the storage container rental will not only keep your belongings dry and protected but also will create a protective layer of rust over the unit which further protects the unit from snow, ice, fog, rain and other meteorological conditions. That added layer of protective rust that forms over the storage container rental also keeps the unit looking fresh and prevents the need for costly painting or maintenance if your project or storage needs are long-term.

8’x8’x22′ (limited)

20-Foot Storage Container


40-Foot Storage Container



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