Standard Restroom


Reliable service performed by experienced, background checked technicians with the finest equipment in the industry from local branch locations near your neighborhood.

Recommended Quantity: (1) Portable Restroom per (10) Employees over normal (40) hour work week.

Non-flushing toilet & urinal
(2) Rolls of Toilet Tissue
Spacious 85 cubic foot interior
Anti-slip flooring surface
Translucent roof allows ample light and visibility
Maximum ventilation to minimize odors
Occupancy indicator provides privacy to bathroom users

Optional upgrades include:

Hand Sanitizer
Hasp, Lock & Key
Containment Tray
Solar Lighting
Disposable Paper Seat Covers
Stabilizing Stakes

Exterior portable toilet rentals dimensions:

Height: 88”
Width: 44”
Depth: 48”
Capacity: 70 gallons
Colors Available: Varies by region and location


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