Restroom with Crane Hook


Reliable service performed by experienced, background checked technicians with the finest equipment in the industry from local branch locations near your neighborhood.

Recommended Quantity: (1) Portable Restroom per (10) Employees over normal (40) hour work week.

Heavy duty crane sling for delivery to and from elevated job sites
Non-flushing toilet & urinal
(2) Rolls of Toilet Tissue
Anti-slip flooring surface
Translucent roof allows users to see clearly once inside the restroom while maintaining privacy
Maximum ventilation to minimize odors
Occupancy indicator provides privacy to bathroom users

Optional upgrades include:

Hand Sanitizer
Hasp, Lock & Key
Containment Tray
Disposable Paper Seat Covers

Height: 88”

Width: 44”

Depth: 48”

Capacity: 70 gallons

Colors Available: Varies by region and location


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