What’s worse than no porta potty at your work site or event? A dirty one. But our 8 Point Service Plan eliminates that worry.

It’s not hard to find a clean porta potty or clean portable restrooms to rent. And if you’ll only need them for a day or two, or if they won’t see a lot of traffic, getting them cleaned and restocked probably won’t be an issue for you.

But keeping porta pottys or portable restrooms clean over the course of several days or even weeks is another story. Why? Because, even though it’s obvious that clean porta pottys won’t stay that way when they’re in use, most providers don’t have a dependable plan for servicing them.


United Site Services is different. With our 8 Point Service Plan, you’ll never have to worry about a dirty porta potty or portable restroom.

Our decades of experience have taught us a lot about what it takes to make our customers happy with the porta pottys and portable restrooms they rent from United Site Services. And we know the one thing everyone wants is a clean, well-stocked facility. That’s why we created our 8 Point Service Plan.

The 8 Point Service Plan ensures clean portable restrooms are always available to you by documenting the porta potty cleaning service process, equipping our service technicians with the best porta potty cleaning solutions, and holding our entire team accountable for ensuring this process is replicated every time.

Here are the eight steps we take for every customer:

  1. Restroom to be placed in a convenient and accessible location on level ground.
  2. Holding tank will be evacuated and interior debris removed.
  3. Holding tank will be refilled with earth-friendly deodorizer.
  4. Interior walls, toilet seat, urinal, the exterior of holding tank, paper dispenser and the floor will be sprayed with disinfectant, cleaned & dried.
  5. Interior will be sprayed with a special deodorizer.
  6. If ordered, Hand Sanitizer or Hand Wash Station will be replenished and restocked.
  7. Toilet paper dispenser will be restocked with 2 rolls.
  8. A Technician will inspect each unit for minor damage or repairs.

How many porta pottys or portable restrooms should you rent? How often should you have them cleaned and serviced? Good questions! And while there are some rules of thumb (for instance, we recommend one porta potty for every 10 people on a work site over a normal 40-hour work week), your situation will dictate the right solution for you. Call United Site Services at 1-800-TOILETS to get our advice on a rental and service plan that meets your needs.

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