Construction Site Fence: Temporary Fence Rental Options

temporary fenceThe recent economic turnaround has led to an increase in construction projects across many parts of the country. Job site safety is a great concern for construction companies as the US Department of Labor cracks down on unsafe job sites. Rent temporary fencing to protect your project from unwanted visitors, cars, theft and destruction. On most job sites, OSHA and DOL require the use of fencing as a safety measure. Renting temporary fencing is a great option for companies looking to save money as it’s much cheaper than purchasing and installing it yourself.

To secure and protect your construction workers and job sites, here are three types of temporary fence to consider:

  • Panel Fence
    Temporary fence panels are a great flexible fencing option for construction projects because they are mobile. Constructed of a steel chain-link, these fence panels can be installed, placed, moved and reconfigured in minutes. They are available in various sizes and with privacy/dust screens, along with swing or sliding gates. The gates can range from 10 to 24 feet wide. T-stands and sandbags are available for added support. Our expert services include prompt, reliable delivery and complete professional installation on site.
  • In-Ground/Pounded Post Chain Link Fence
    A more secure option to chain-link fence panels and provides an effective way to create a secure barrier around the perimeter of your construction site, “pounded post” chain-link temporary fencing is an option where poles are driven into the ground for support. The fence can be secured and enhanced to fit your specifications. We can add barbed wire at the top of the fence if needed, as well as a privacy/dust screen. This portable fencing solution can be used anywhere. Our professional crews take care of the installation and removal.
  • Barricades
    Sturdy traffic barricades protect construction workers from cars during road construction projects. Construction barricades provide a means of eliminating or minimizing liability, a huge concern for all construction management companies. Consider adding a barricade as a tough safety fencing option. Barricades also provide a good use as crowd control.

Let the rental experts at United Site Services assist you with selecting the right temporary fencing to meet your needs. Our construction fence rental experts can assist you in defining how much fence you need, best placement, and the options that will be required to achieve your goal. Call us at 1-800-Toilets or request a quote online.

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