Can’t Ignore Science – Wash Those Hands!

wash your hands

Yes, yes, we’ve all been told – by our moms, dads, teachers and doctors – that washing hands is one of the most important preventive measures we can take for our health. The importance, the SCIENCE, behind hand washing is rather cut and dry – without washing hands with soap and clean, running water, diseases and other unsavory…

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Outdoor Recreation Centers Need Porta Potties

Healthy recreation is important for children and adults of all ages. Outdoor recreation centers provide numerous opportunities for people to be active while enjoying nature. The majority of these centers do not provide access to indoor restroom facilities after certain hours, and sometimes the facilities are not available at all. For this reason, they rely on portable restroom or…

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Doing Things Right

Tuesday November 20th started much like any other day for Lance Koren, a pick up and delivery driver for USS Foxboro Massachusetts. After doing his pre-trip walk around and checking his DVIR for Monday the 19th, Lance started off on his route. Lance has been a driver for USS in Foxboro for three years. During that…

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