Philadelphians Welcome Pope Francis

USS planning for Philly Pope visit

UNITED SITE SERVICES PROUDLY SUPPORTS WITH OVER 1,000 UNITS What happened to 200,000+ people when nature called? United Site Services delivered. 1,200 pristine, new event grade, portable restrooms were assembled locally in Philly and delivered in record time to support a substantial crowd of Pope Francis fans. Our restrooms lined Ben Franklin Parkway and Independence…

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10 Quick Hurricane Prep Tips for Your Home and Business

Hurricane clouds

Once you know that a hurricane is on the way, it’s important to begin preparing for it so you can minimize the damage that occurs, protect your belongings, and safeguard yourself, your family and your employees from harm. Taking the following precautions before the hurricane makes landfall can give you peace of mind, while also…

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Restroom Trailer Rentals: Trailers for VIP Events to Disaster Relief

Natural disaster

Have you ever prepared to go to an outdoor event and wondered if restroom facilities would be available? What kind of facilities will be available? Will they be clean? Will they accommodate you and your kids together or someone in a wheelchair? What about the hundreds of survivors of natural disasters who are housed in temporary…

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Construction Job Site Safety: Tips to Avoid Heat Illness


Safety is paramount on a construction job site, and in the summer it’s important that construction workers know how to identify heat illness and review tips for staying cool and avoiding this safety hazard. Heat illness is a serious safety concern and without proper precautions can even lead to death. What is Heat Illness? Heat…

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Construction Professionals Use of Social Media [Infographic]

According to the Construction Marketing Association, the use of social media marketing by construction companies is on the rise. In fact, 97% of construction professionals say they employ social media marketing tactics. Are you a part of the 97% or are you part of the 3% that is getting left behind and missing out on amazing…

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Does United Site Services Rent Portable Toilets in My Area?

United Site Services (USS) has more than 85 branch locations in 23 US states. Coast to coast, USS has the largest fleet of quality portable restrooms, restroom trailers and temporary fences. We work with everyone from large national accounts that need portable sanitation and other site services across the country, to families renting a portable…

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Women in Construction: OSHA Restroom Requirements and Beyond

Do you have female employees on your construction job site? If so, there are OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Act) restroom rules and regulations that must be followed to protect the health and wellbeing of women on your job site. In addition to this requirement, employers should go above and beyond what is required for an extra…

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USS Goes Red, White, and Blue at Republican National Convention

Every four years, the United States exercises one of the most important activities in the country’s history – electing a president. USS became involved in this process when the company was chosen to provide five luxury restroom trailers, 100 portable toilets, and air misters for the recent Republican National Convention (RNC). Additionally, USS was contracted to pump waste…

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Annual Music Festival Is Big Hit With Fans and USS

When 85,000 music fans descended upon the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California for the annual Coachella Music Festival, they were treated to some outstanding musical performances. Coachella is held on three successive weekends in April. It is renowned for showcasing many popular and emerging acts in music, as well as legendary artists and reunion performances. This…

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