Explanation of Charges


Protect Yourself Against Accidental Damage

The United Site Services portable toilet rental damage waiver protects you when USS equipment on your site is damaged or destroyed. If you choose to participate in our optional damage waiver protection program you are protected from the costs of any damage to a unit while it is on your site. You may choose not to participate and to be responsible for the replacement or repair cost of any broken or missing product.

Replacement costs can range from $500-$2,000. The damage waiver does not protect against theft, loss, or missing units. The optional damage waiver cost is invoiced per billing cycle for each unit to be protected. If you have purchased the damage waiver and a product on your site is damaged, you should contact your United Site Services Customer Service Department immediately.

Damage waivers are a great way to avoid surprises and make your costs predictable.

The USS porta potty damage protection program covers:

  • Vandalism to the restroom
  • Accidents
  • Weather related damage


Protecting our environment through responsible waste management

USS is committed to operating in compliance with regulations and local ordinances governing liquid waste. As a result we incur charges related to safe operations and environmentally compliant handling, transportation, and disposal of  waste as well as sundry local surcharges. EEC covers a portion of these costs.  As a company we made a decision to never compromise your safety nor cut corners on the environmental compliance responsibility that comes with transporting waste from your site. As our commitment to you, we are up front on these charges and do not hide these in price or service fees. Our Service Techs are professionally trained and committed to holding the highest standards. After all, we would not want someone disposing of waste in our backyard or by the side of the road.